Pipeline commissioning and decommissioning

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Reduce the risk of environmental issues and ensure environmental compliance during pipeline commissioning and decommissioning projects, by obtaining a full picture of your pipeline contents and condition.

Tracerco ExplorerTM pipeline screening

With non-intrusive inspection, ExplorerTM can screen many kilometres of subsea pipeline to ensure there are no pipeline blockages. With no risk of damaging the pipe, operators can ensure a continuous flow during commissioning campaigns, and that pipelines are free from deposits prior to commencing a decommissioning campaign.

Tracerco DiscoveryTM CT scanner

Additionally, our DiscoveryTMCT scanner also allows integrity and inspection specialists to obtain data on any weaknesses and wall thinning, as well as any water ingress between pipes. This allows both the inner and outer pipeline in a pipe-in-pipe system to be inspected from the outside during pre-commissioning. It can verify that subsea pipelines are laid empty, minimising the effects of potential corrosion by ensuring there is no water, or air entrainment flowing with the hydrocarbon in the pipeline.

Discovery™ can non-intrusively characterise any blockages in a pipeline, allowing operators to effectively plan any remediation with the correct chemical dosing. Once the remediation campaign has been executed, DiscoveryTM can re-scan the blocked section of pipeline to ensure that all deposits have been removed, and the pipeline is clear. This in turn can reduce the risk of environmental issues prior to decommissioning.

Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Pig Tracking

Accurate pig tracking is necessary from pre-commissioning / commissioning through to decommissioning. Whether it is during activities such as tool isolation and positioning (accurate to +/- 5cm), flooding, cleaning, gauging, dewatering, or ILI in steel, rigid, pipe in pipe systems or flexible pipelines, with Tracerco’s pig tracking service, operators can be secure in the knowledge the location of the pig is known. Accurate and reliable pig tracking can also be applied to foam pigs as part of a pipeline cleaning and/or testing run. Download our pig tracking case study to learn more.

Tracerco also provides flow assurance services, asset integrity services and pipeline commissioning and decommissioning services, to deliver real-time condition monitoring of subsea assets.


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