Asset integrity

Innovations for asset integrity inspection

Tracerco DiscoveryTM CT Scanner

Our DiscoveryTM CT scanner can visualise integrity flaws of piggable and unpiggable subsea pipelines in real time. Via non-intrusive inspection, DiscoveryTM can measure pipe wall thickness through any type of protective coating, allowing operators to make informed decisions on the future of a pipeline, without stopping or interrupting production. In our case study we discuss how DiscoveryTM can scan through concrete coatings and rebars to obtain accurate wall thickness measurements.

By gathering real-time data on a variety of pipeline integrity issues, including pipeline corrosion, and pitting and wall thinning, operators can also effectively determine the length of time a pipeline can be extended past its original design life. This cost-effective approach can eliminate the potential operating costs associated with designing a new section of pipeline, recommissioning, pipeline modification, and the time and risks associated with coating removal/reapplication and long and expensive vessel hire. Download our latest case study to learn more about how an operator used Tracerco’s vital insights as part of a pipeline lifetime extension assessment.

Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Grout Monitoring

Additionally, our grout density profile inspection technology allows measurement of grout strength and quality within offshore platform legs, members and wind turbines during installation. The unique Tracerco grout monitoring probe provides accurate real-time data, and can be deployed by an ROV or diver.

Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Pig Tracking

Established to provide 100% accurate, safe and reliable pipeline pig tracking, Tracerco’s pig tracking systems can provide fast, effective and complete control of subsea pig tracking, positioning and location and is applicable to any line diameter and wall thickness, including pipe-in-pipe. Our proven pig tracking system means an operator will know exactly where a pig is during an in-line inspection, cleaning or de-watering activities, as well as the speed of the pig. Pipeline operators can use this data to minimise the risk of damage to the pipeline and maximise production throughput. Learn more by downloading our pig tracking case study or listening to our spotlight interview with World Pipelines.

Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Flooded Member Inspection (FMI)

Furthermore, a Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Flooded Member Inspection (FMI) provides the most reliable method of surveying platform members to determine the presence of any water ingress. There is no need to remove marine growth or specialist coatings, and the results are available in seconds. The FMI system can be deployed by an ROV or diver, and provides rapid and accurate measurement of water levels in vertical, horizontal and angled members. Our FMI expertise in determining water ingress into platform members is recognised by Lloyd’s Register. Download our FMI case study to learn more.

Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Subsea Neutron Backscatter

Additionally, our Subsea Neutron Backscatter services also provide a measurement of vapour/liquid interfaces within midwater arches, buoyancy tanks, mooring points and other subsea equipment and vessels.

Tracerco also provides flow assurance services, subsea salvage and pipeline commissioning and decommissioning services to deliver real-time condition monitoring of subsea assets.


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