Insight through instrumentation

We provide radiation monitors, personal electronic dosimeters and a range of solutions to the most challenging process control issues.

Our innovative range of advanced nucleonic instrumentation products provides solutions to the most challenging process control and operational issues. Our radiation monitors and personal electronic dosimeters (PEDs) ensure radiation safety.

If there’s a problem, we have the technology to solve it. If we don’t have the technology, we invent it. From level measurement, density measurement and phase measurement, to portable radiation monitors, we have the technology to help you increase profits, enhance safety and ensure environmental compliance.

Tracer evaluation of an open hole horizontal gravel pack (OHHGP) with autonomous inflow control device (AICD) in deep water

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Nucleonic instrumentation

Tracerco’s nucleonic instrumentation provides tailor-made, measurement and control solutions to the process industry.

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Instrument training and support

Tailor-made training courses and asset life cycle management.

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Radiation monitors

Tracerco provides a large range of radiation monitors for numerous applications.

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Radiation monitors technical support

Tracerco’s repair services make sure your radiation monitors continue to deliver accurate data.

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Fuel marking

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Fuel security

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