Refineries and petrochemical

Tracerco provides you with the insights you need to help you troubleshoot production problems and optimise processes. With the widest range of gamma scanning and tracer diagnostics services on the market, we help oil, gas, chemical and ethanol industries run more efficiently, saving them millions every year.

Whatever your operational measurement problem, we have the answer. We can help you determine flow relationships through flare lines and piping systems, and conduct flare flow studies to pinpoint emissions. We can measure the distribution of feed into catalyst beds efficiently and identify any leakage points in heat exchangers.

Our services help the investigation of industrial processes, allowing plant engineering and operational staff to quickly identify and resolve issues. Making these data-driven decisions can significantly reduce the costs of corrective actions and operational downtime, limiting the impact on your business’ supply chain.

See our full range of refineries and petrochemical diagnostics services below.

Tracerco™ Insights Platform

Fast, secure and convenient access to your process insights, allowing you to rapidly and confidently optimise your process and increase efficiencies.

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Trayed towers

Tracerco’s technologies deliver actionable data to optimise trayed tower performance.

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Packed bed towers

Tracerco’s technologies provide cost-effective methods to identify and understand issues within packed bed towers.

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Piping/flare systems

Tracerco technology lets you ‘see inside’ piping and flare systems in real time.

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Tanks and spheres

Tracerco PhaseFinder™ provides a clear picture of what’s happening inside tanks.

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Heat exchangers

Tracerco Diagnostics™ Leak study technology takes you straight to leaks detected in heat exchangers whilst remaining online.

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Our technology helps identify operational inefficiencies to improve Desalter performance.

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Tracerco technology helps you improve the efficiency of reactors.

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FCCU assets

Tracerco lets you see inside your FCCU and make critical operational decisions.

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Ammonia converters

Our online tracer studies identify operational problems in ammonia converters.

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HF/SF alkylation

The Profiler™ TGA provides a real-time picture of what’s happening in alkylation vessels.

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Tracerco technology gives you the inside information on separator vessels.

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