Radiation monitors

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Tracerco offers a wide range of radiation monitors to measure radiation dose rate or monitor process and environmental contaminants in a number of applications. These include oil and gas, NDT, nuclear, CBRNe, industrial research and educational sectors, medical and life sciences, and environmental and waste management industries.

Our intrinsically safe radiation monitors function safely in the presence of explosive gas mixtures. We also provide non-intrinsically safe versions with the same functionality, for use in less-challenging environments.

See our full range of radiation monitors below or download our fact sheets to learn more:

Personal electronic dosimeters (Gen 2)

Next generation Tracerco™ PED2 range with patented detection technology for enhanced radiation safety.

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Tracerco™ DoseVision2

A powerful cloud-based software platform for flexible device configuration and quick and easy reporting and visualisation of worker dose data.

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Personal electronic dosimeters (Gen 1)

Tracerco’s personal electronic dosimeters (PEDs) are suitable for measuring and monitoring radiation across a range of applications.

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Dose rate monitors

Tracerco radiation dose rate monitors provide radiation safety with a range of radiation monitoring and management features.

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Contamination monitors

The Tracerco™ T401 contamination monitor and NORM monitor-IS GM are ideal for use in all applications and environments.

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NORM monitor-IS

The Tracerco™ NORM monitor-IS is the ideal instrument for obtaining accurate NORM measurements in hazardous areas.

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X-ray monitor

The Tracerco™ X-ray monitor that enables you to rapidly detect peak measurement, minimising your exposure to possible radiation leaks.

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Mud monitor

Protect employees and confirm radioactive source integrity during LWD using the intrinsically safe Tracerco™ mud monitor.

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Personal dosimetry

Tracerco provide personal dosimeters for the whole body, as well as extremity (finger) badges.

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