Radiation protection

A network of radiation protection

Our Radiation Protection Advisers (Qualified Experts) are certified to RPA2000 (UK), and provide radiation protection advice, training and bespoke audits. This ensures client operational safety, and compliance with national and international legislation. All our Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs) are also certified Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWAs).

Decades of success in delivering and sustaining our radiation protection services has led to a high level of customer retention.

See our range of radiation protection services below.

Radiation protection advisory service

Tracerco has all the radiation protection experience you need to make you site safer.

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Radiation protection training

Book a Tracerco radiation protection supervisor - RPS training course now.

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NORM management

Tracerco provides fast, cost-effective NORM detection services.

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Class 7 dangerous goods training

Book a Tracerco Class 7 dangerous goods training course now.

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Dangerous goods safety advisory service

Tracerco can provide Class 7 (radioactive) transport advice, annual audits and reports.

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