Nucleonic instrumentation

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Tracerco offers a range of advanced nucleonic instrumentation to the process industry, including products for level measurement, density measurement and phase measurement.

With enhanced self-diagnostics and low maintenance costs, our instrumentation boasts unrivalled stability, accuracy and reliability.

These unique instruments provide non-intrusive, real-time solutions for downstream, upstream oil and gas and subsea operations, bringing clarity and understanding to customers assets all over the world. They provide our customers with the knowledge they need to increase profits, manage risks and reduce costs.

We engage with our customers and get to know their operations, so we can help them solve their most challenging process measurement and control problems. With a highly responsive technical team of project and field engineering staff, our global support is beyond compare.

See our full range of nucleonic instrumentation below or download our insights through instrument brochure today.

Profiler™ GPS

The Profiler™ provides level, interface and multiphase measurement.

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Tracerco™ level system

The Tracerco™ level system provides the most reliable and repeatable level measurements.

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Profiler™ TGA

The Profiler™ TGA measures the interface distribution of materials in multiphase vessels.

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Tracerco™ PhaseFinderPlus

The Tracerco™ PhaseFinderPlus measures the interfaces between phases in process vessels, in real-time.

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Hyperion™ provides a reliable non-contact bulk level and density measurement solution.

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Optimus™ provides accurate and repeatable nucleonic level measurement.

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