Drilling and production

A reservoir of knowledge

Our technology uses oil, gas and water-based chemical tracers to provide a true understanding of reservoir fluid flow pathways. It has helped oil companies continuously monitor their reservoir and optimise drilling, completion and oil development strategies to maximise oil production in thousands of wells globally.

In both conventional and non-conventional reservoirs, our chemical tracer technology provides critical fluid flow information, accurately measuring water, gas and oil flow.

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Hydraulic fracture diagnostics

A Tracer Production Log™ provides you with stage flow insight.

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Inflow measurement

A Tracer Production Log™ provides critical insights at a fraction of the cost of a PLT.

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Interwell studies: Reservoir interwell connectivity

Understand your reservoir connectivity with a Tracerco™ Interwell Study.

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Acid stimulation effectiveness

Determine the effectiveness of acid stimulation with a Tracer Production Log™.

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Remaining oil saturation measurement

Assess remaining oil saturation measurement with tracer technology.

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Core invasion studies

Measure drilling fluid core invasion or DST sample contamination.

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Reservoir tracer analysis

Industry-leading analytical instrumentation for reservoir analysis.

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Tracerco™ Insights Platform

Dynamic reservoir project data visualisation and analysis.

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