Tracerco™ T406 X-ray monitor

See inside your operations

The TracercoTM T406 X-ray radiation monitors are suitable for those working in oil and gas, medical and life sciences, nuclear, CBRNe and emergency services, NDT, manufacturing and industrial, and environmental and waste management industries.

Unlike other monitors available on the market today, the TracercoTM T406 X-ray monitor enables you to rapidly detect peak measurement, minimising your exposure to possible radiation leaks while surveying operations.

Benefits of the TracercoTM T406 X-ray monitor:

  • Hygienic – smooth lines and easy-to-clean finish makes it ideal for use in areas where there’s a risk of disease transmission through hand contact (such as food processing, airport security and hospital environments).
  • Easy and safe to use – all our monitors are designed to be lightweight, easy to carry and can be operated remotely in the most demanding of environments.
  • Audible response – with alarm set thresholds.

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