How our insights make a difference

Our services allow you to make insight-driven decisions and optimise business processes, while also reducing costs and increasing profit.

We have technology to visualise oil, water, and gas flow in reservoirs, detect asset integrity issues, characterise subsea flow assurance problems, and troubleshoot process challenges in refineries, petrochemical, and gas plants.

With our services you can feel assured in making insight-driven decisions, identifying the best and most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Using chemical tracers to optimise choke position and drive maximum production from a multi-stage horizontal well

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Drilling and production

Tracerco's chemical tracers provide a true understanding of reservoir fluid flow pathways.

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Subsea technologies and pipeline inspection

Tracerco’s non-intrusive subsea technologies provide the insights you need.

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Upstream oil and gas/FPSO

Tracerco’s diagnostic results have helped detect process issues and optimise operations, saving oil and gas customers millions per year.

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Refineries and petrochemical

Tracerco leads the way in optimising and troubleshooting production problems in refineries, chemical, gas processing, ethanol and petrochemical plants.

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Fuel marking

We are proud to be the leaders in fuel marking innovation and technology, saving our customers millions.

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Analytical services

Tracerco offers a full range of analytical and diagnostic techniques.

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Radiation protection

Tracerco delivers expert radiation protection advice and radiation protection training.

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Mining applications

Tracerco's instruments enhance the efficiency, reliability and productivity in several mining applications.

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