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We create ingenious ways to measure the difficult-to-measure so that you have the insights you need to make critical and informed decisions.

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A whole new perspective

We give the world’s essential industries the insights they need to make better decisions.

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How our insights make a difference

Our services allow you to make insight-driven decisions and optimise business processes, while also reducing costs and increasing profit.

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Protecting our greatest asset

World-class safety sits at the heart of everything we do. It has to – our teams operate in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Safety guides every piece of work we undertake and every decision we make. We encourage the highest standards and have established methodology, communication and working groups to ensure we maintain an environment of continuous improvement. It’s part of our culture, and we take these behaviours with us, wherever we work. Our number one priority is to ensure everyone works safely, and goes home safely.

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  • Our services allow you to make insight-driven decisions and optimise business operations, while also reducing costs and increasing profit.

    • Asset integrity

      Tracerco’s asset integrity services allow you to visualise the condition of subsea pipelines and platform structures.

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    • Trayed towers

      Tracerco’s technologies deliver actionable data to optimise trayed tower performance.

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    • Interwell studies: Reservoir interwell connectivity

      Understand your reservoir connectivity with a Tracerco™ Interwell Study.

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  • Our innovative range of advanced nucleonic instrumentation provides solutions to the most challenging process control issues. Our radiation monitors and personal electronic dosimeters help to maintain safe radiation practices in a diverse range of applications.

    • Tracerco™ level system

      The Tracerco™ level system provides the most reliable and repeatable level measurements.

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    • Profiler™ GPS

      The Profiler™ provides level, interface and multiphase measurement.

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    • Contamination monitors

      The Tracerco™ T401 contamination monitor and NORM monitor-IS GM are ideal for use in all applications and environments.

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  • Tracerco’s innovations in technology and instrumentation give you concise insights, helping you to make critical decisions with confidence.

    • Radiation experts

      Tracerco’s 65 years’ expertise in radiation safety is recognised internationally.

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    • Scanning technology

      Tracerco’s scanning technologies provide invaluable insights into your processes.

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    • Tracer technology

      Tracerco's tracer technology provides essential insights for critical decision making.

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