National fuel marking programmes for governments

Maximise your tax revenues and safeguard society

Taking action to combat fuel fraud will help you grow and protect tax revenues and help society operate sustainably. Fuel marking programmes from Tracerco have recovered in excess of $10 billion for our customers. We can allow you to:

  • Maximise revenues generated by the fuel tax levy and recover additional revenue lost to fuel fraud
  • Combat smuggling, adulteration, rebate abuse and grade swapping
  • Determine where in your supply chain fuel fraud is being committed
  • Obtain evidence to support prosecutions or other actions against illegal criminal activity
  • Reduce the risks to public health and the environment by reducing fuel emissions arising from the use of adulterated fuel
  • Improve fuel quality leading to a reduction in vehicle and plant machinery breakdowns
  • Demonstrate good governance to international organisations and financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Banks
  • Detect fuel fraud with zero disruption to fuel supply operations
  • Deter fuel fraud with non-launderable, environmentally compliant carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen (CHON) forensic markers
  • Obtain field portable or laboratory based analysis
  • Securely visualise test results via the cloud-based Tracerco™ Insights Platform

Contact us today and let us help you grow and protect your tax revenues and ensure sustainability for your nation. You can also find out more about the TracercoTM Insights Platform, our technology, or learn more about fuel marking programmes for oil marketing companies.


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