Tracerco™ Insights Platform

Fuel marking insight

The TracercoTM Insights Platform collates and analyses the data collected from a Tracerco fuel marking programme.

We collect data throughout the full supply chain, so you have visibility of all fuel movements.

This secure, end-to-end, cloud-based platform will enable authorised users to monitor programme operations in real time, so you can safeguard fuel integrity and obtain actionable insights to stop illicit fuel activity. With the TracercoTM Insights Platform you can:

  • Obtain full user account control
  • Collect all your fuel marking data in one place
  • Determine the exact GPS location of fuel fraud for enforcement operations
  • Visualise field analysis results
  • Visualise forensic laboratory analytical results
  • Obtain actionable insights to direct enforcement officers to activities most likely to arise from criminal activity


Contact us today to learn more about a Tracerco fuel marking programme. You can also find out more about our technology, or learn more about fuel marking programmes for oil marketing companies and national governments.  


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