Fuel marking technology

Tracerco fuel testing platforms

Tracerco has developed a number of layered platforms to offer a wide range of options for the detection of illegal fuel practices in a variety of scenarios.

Quantitative and qualitative technologies are available – either field portable or laboratory based. Gold standard forensic methods of analysis can also be employed.

Only environmentally acceptable markers that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen (CHON) are used.

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Field portable device
  • Hand portable (<3kg) and easy to use
  • Spectrophotometric detection
  • Samples can be analysed using a non-destructive test
  • Results are instantaneous
  • Marker can be detected at very low concentrations (ppb)
  • Enables quantitative or qualitative analysis for dilution or adulteration
  • Results can be wirelessly transmitted to the Tracerco™ Insights Platform and displayed on any internet enabled device
Forensic analysis device
  • Simultaneous analysis of multiple markers
  • A recognised gold standard and legally defensible method for forensic analysis
  • Marker can be detected at very low concentrations (ppb-ppm)
  • Provides reliable and detailed analysis of the concentration of marker in the sample
  • Maximises prosecution outcomes
Retailer test kit
  • Retailers that are concerned or have no way of knowing whether a transporter is legitimate or not, can use a simple to operate test kit to detect illegal fuel, prior to offloading the fuel into their forecourt storage tanks

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