Hydraulic fracture diagnostics

Let the insights flow

Our chemical tracer technology identifies the contribution of oil, gas and water from each stage. With no well intervention needed, a Tracer Production LogTM provides you with stage flow insights that can be linked to drilling and exploration, completion, stimulation and production parameters to optimise future field development plans.

A Tracer Production LogTM simultaneously measures oil, gas and water production from each stage through surface sampling — an invaluable technology where traditional PLTs cannot access a well. It also provides confirmation, and the amount of crossflow, to offset wells through surface sampling of daughter and ‘frac hit’ non-targeted wells.

By introducing tracers to wellbore locations, and detecting them in surface samples, we can also verify flow through plugs and sliding sleeves. After a well is placed on production, it can provide an accurate location of any issues.

Our unique tracer technology also allows monitoring of stage flow over long periods, even years, providing insights to determine whether a stage stops producing, or identify potential blockage points in a wellbore. For more information on any of our other services including inflow measurement or reservoir interwell connectivity, please contact our expert team of petroleum engineers.


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