Inflow measurement

Our inflow measurement technology helps maximise recovery

You can’t solve what you can’t see. A Tracer Production LogTM provides the critical insights you need, at a fraction of the cost of a PLT or wired system.

Tracerco’s oil inflow and water inflow measurement solution provides a continuous picture of your well’s performance. It collects data on zone-specific production, clean-out effectiveness, water breakthrough and plug, packer or sleeve open or closed status.

A Tracer Production LogTM eliminates the need to use expensive tools or wired systems to discover which part of your well is contributing to flow. With this, we can establish water entry points and provide a water cut profile along the wellbore with zero well intervention.

Our smart tracers also allow you to determine if a well clean-out program has been effective, as well as indicating if there is flow from all parts of the well and lateral contribution in multilateral wells.

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