Webinar: Chemical tracer technology - the myths the facts and the legends

Chemical tracers have become the E & P industry standard to diagnose a variety of different reservoir recovery factors, ranging from stage flow insight to measuring EOR efficiency. Yet many misconceptions still circulate on how tracers are best used and how the data can be interpreted. Understanding in-situ phase flow behavior provides significant insight in order to optimise production by understanding how productivity is dependent on geological features, landing zones, and completion decisions.

In part one of this two part live webinar series, we focus on the types of tracer available, their respective benefits/limitations, and the types of data that can be collected and interpreted. Examples of different project designs are discussed to highlight how operators have used chemical tracers to inform future well design and field development, thus enabling them to maximise hydrocarbon recovery, as well as reduce cost.

Multiple case studies provide examples of best practice when using tracers to evaluate fluid inflow, EOR, and other unconventional applications, ranging from simple flow verification to full quantification of individual stage production.

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