Instrument training

Tracerco provide worldwide onsite training covering its range of instrumentation.

Nucleonic instrument and ProfilerTM training

Tracerco is an industry leader in instrument training and support. Our services provide you with the assurance you need that your instruments are being used, calibrated and maintained correctly.

Tracerco ProfilerTM training

The Tracerco ProfilerTM training course provides delegates with training on radiological theory, and on the operation and maintenance of our award-winning technology. The course includes a one-day radiological and Tracerco ProfilerTM theory session with an optional one or two days of practical working.

The theory includes operation, safety, configuration, and process optimisation, providing delegates with an overview of all aspects relating of the ProfilerTM instrument. Practical training covers instrument calibration, optimisation, and fault-finding exercises with a customer equivalent PLC training rig.

Nucleonic instrument training

Our comprehensive two-day nucleonic instrumentation training course is tailored to provide essential knowledge and understanding, enabling delegates to operate and maintain the complete range of TracercoTM level, density measurementphase measurement and interface nucleonic measurement systems.

The course covers operational safety, maintenance, equipment calibration and the underlying principles of radioisotope technology. A significant proportion of time is given to practical work, including fault-finding and resolution exercises. Each course can be tailored to instruments installed onsite, with emphasis on your area of interest.

Instrument training courses are regularly held at our offices in Billingham UK, but training can be undertaken anywhere in the world, from any of our global offices or at a location selected by you. Bespoke courses can also be designed to meet your organisational needs.


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