Profiler™ GPS

Gain vital real-time insights

For critical real-time process measurements, this is the instrument of choice. It’s the only nucleonic instrument designed to measure the vertical distribution of gas, oil, water, foam, emulsion and sand in real time and at high resolution.

The ProfilerTM GPS provides a window into the vessel, allowing operators to accurately measure and control the distribution of fluid. Built to the highest safety and integrity standards, it is effective in some of the most challenging environments, from upstream oil and gas processing, to downstream desalting and refining. This low maintenance instrument can be used to prevent unplanned shutdowns, reduce chemical additive costs, optimise processes in real time, increase throughput and improve environmental compliance. Field-proven in hundreds of operations worldwide, it provides a separation solution for millions of barrels of oil per day. Download our ProfilerTM GPS product data sheet  or our insights through instrumentation brochure for further details.

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