Improving operations with insights

Insights from Tracerco’s technologies can provide considerable operational cost savings to desalters, through the optimisation of emulsion and asphaltene-reducing chemicals. Our technology provides real-time measurement of interface levels between different phases, including oil, emulsion, water and solids/sludge, for a better understanding of performance.

Tracerco Tru-ScanTM Technology

A Tru-ScanTM of a desalter measures interface levels through the vessel wall between liquids and solids, or between two different types of liquids. The Tru-ScanTM yields lots of information about where the various layers of material are located, and the quality of the interface between oil and water. Download our fact sheet to find out more.

Tracer study and the Tracerco ProfilerTM

A tracer study can be used to measure the oil and water phase residence times through a desalter vessel, and detect the presence of oil carry-under or water carry-over. It delivers a quick, accurate and non-intrusive diagnosis of production issues in real time, enabling operators to resolve process issues with confidence.

Additionally, the Tracerco ProfilerTM can be installed to provide an accurate measurement of the density distribution inside the desalter, offering continuous high-resolution images and accurate interface control and control of each phase.

We also provide technologies tailored to ammonia converters, hf/sf alkylation units and separators. Contact our team and we can help you to determine which approach is best for your operational needs.


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