Life cycle management

Asset life cycle management

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, Tracerco provides a variety of technical support for our instrumentation, via our Life Cycle Management (LCM) initiative. Through support contracts, source recycling and upgrades to obsolete equipment, operators can be confident in the knowledge of their asset condition and mitigate uncertainty or safety risks.

Support contracts

To enable operators to increase uptime and maximise production, whilst also meeting the demanding needs of regulatory compliance, Tracerco offer both long and short-term support contracts that are tailored to a customer’s assets and field requirements.

Benefits include a dedicated account manager, who can provide fast and effective after sales technical support, programming, testing and research, as well as scheduled onsite service visits to suit operational requirements.

With an extensive network of offices, laboratories and calibration facilities around the globe, 24-hour remote support via telephone and email ensures that operators have quick access to critical information anywhere at any time.

One of our highly experienced and qualified service engineers will also be on standby, should there be an immediate requirement for maintenance optimisation or support.

Equipment and source upgrades/replacements

Tracerco provides obsolescence reviews to identify any risks and ensure safe, uninterrupted operation.

These include critical radiological examinations following installation of equipment, or following system changes, as well as with periodical function testing and inspection of measurement system components, ensuring continued full operability and regulatory compliance.

Assessment of radioactive sources at, or near to, recommended working life will also allow operators to determine the viability of their asset, enabling continual production and use of nucleonic instrumentation.

In addition to re-calibrations and trip testing of equipment, we can also establish present-day accuracy of your system through performance assessments, and non-intrusive validation services. This information gives operators confidence to determine the position of level or interfaces within an application, and ensure existing equipment continues to meet requirements now and in the future.

Regular performance assessments also provide operators with the ability to maintain equipment efficiently, cost-effectively manage spares or identify the need for upgrades to maximise asset life.


If assets are found to be no longer viable, decommissioning must begin. Tracerco can help to mitigate risks, and carry out the process safely and cost effectively, with the least environmental impact.

Tracerco can remove any instrument during decommissioning. With a number of in-house radiation consultants, we can also manage and remove, recycle and replace radiation sources, as well as provide advice on immediate and long-term source requirements. For Tracerco-installed equipment, operators also have the option to store sources for short or long periods of time.

To identify the life cycle status of products within our standard range of instrumentation, please visit our product life cycle classification page.


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