Radiation protection advisory service

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Collectively, our team of fully qualified Radiation Protection Advisers boast over 100 years’ experience. With our extensive practical knowledge and understanding of ionising radiation, we’re uniquely placed to provide our radiation protection advisory service, which includes training and advice schemes. We aim to provide our clients with essential and complex knowledge on demanding operational and legislative requirements.

Our experience includes the following:

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)/ Low Specific Activity (LSA)
• Nucleonic instrumentation
• Radiography (non-destructive testing)
• Well-logging operations
• Use of radioisotopes for process diagnostics
• Use of radioisotopes in laboratories
• X-ray equipment for security and analytical purposes
• Radioactive waste management, including site surveys, decontamination and disposal options

Our advisers have the complete suite of radiation protection products available to them, including radiochemical analysis and radiation monitors, as well as a team of supervisors who are able to undertake site surveys, both on and offshore.

We can provide advice on a broad range of radiation protection issues, including compliance, risk assessment, drafting of local rules/procedures, incident reporting and investigation, and radiation and contamination surveys. Find out more about our radiation protection training services.

Our Radiation Protection Advisers are available to carry out site visits and audits, comparing records, equipment and operating procedures to the relevant legislation.

All advisers are also certified Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWA), meaning they can provide legislative and practical guidance relating to the accumulation and disposal of radioactive waste. In addition, our RWAs can assist in securing permits, including BAT / BPM assessments and written statements to support radioactive waste license applications.


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