Antrac waste management

Simplify your data storage

Complimentary to our laboratory services, AntracTM is a software solution designed to store laboratory radiochemical analysis data, generate annual reporting datasets and submit data into the EEMS system via the UK Oil Portal.

Save time and money

The second generation AntracTM is more efficient, with clear intuitive navigation. Valuable user time is saved by features such as yearly running totals and the ability to submit data directly into the EEMS database. Full PDF analytical reports are also included to ensure all your data is in a central location for your convenience.

Compliance with permit and licensing

Simple and clear comparison of current disposed material versus yearly limits, significantly reducing the likelihood of breaching legal requirements. In addition, in/out scope status is indicated for each sample, offering a quick classification for disposal purposes.

Sample tracking

Live progress status for each sample, including instant email updates allows the easy identification of any missing or late samples.

Real time diagnostics

A modern software platform that refreshes data in real time, presenting newly entered data immediately to facilitate instant QA checking. Hosted in Microsoft cloud technologies that allows use on multiple devices and is accessible anytime, anywhere regardless of system type.

Our comprehensive analytical services include compositional analysis and radiochemical analysis. Request analysis (PDF | Word)  or contact us to find out more.


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