Tracerco™ DoseVision2

A powerful cloud-based, dosimetry management software platform designed to provide secure device configuration and auditable, efficient management of worker dose data.

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Tracerco™ DoseVision2

A powerful cloud-based software platform for flexible device configuration and quick and easy reporting and visualisation of worker dose data.

Secure cloud-based data storage for ease of access and collaboration

Individual and team dose summaries for easy risk management and compliance

Simple configuration and management of multiple PED2 devices

Your team dose risks at a glance

Seamless and secure transfer of exposure data from Tracerco™ PED2 devices

Reporting and visualisation through easy to understand dashboards

Secure, auditable management of worker dose data, risk identification and incident investigation

Simple device management and out of the box set-up

Connect, configure and synchronise multiple Tracerco™ PED2 devices simultaneously

Share and align settings across Tracerco™ PED2 stock

Secure and protect settings and data logs

Access firmware updates as our feature sets grow

Collect dose data from anywhere

Leverage worker self-service data synchronisation

Frequent, convenient and seamless dose data collection

Support geographically dispersed or remote worker requirements

I contribute to making workplaces safer. To do this I need to see accurate information and consistent record keeping.

Powered by Tracerco™ PED2

Next generation family of rugged, lightweight and easy-to-use personal electronic dosimeters to effectively monitor, measure and manage radiation exposure.

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