Radiation monitor calibration

You cannot monitor what you cannot measure

Tracerco’s radiation monitor calibration services ensure your radiation monitors are working at their best.

We provide a professional service for the repair, testing and recalibration of any gamma dose rate and alpha/beta contamination monitors, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

Radiation monitors are tested and calibrated in accordance with the requirements of ‘The Examination, Testing and Calibration of Portable Radiation Protection Instruments – Measurements and Good Practice Guide’, produced by the National Physical Laboratory. The operation of the Monitor Calibration and Repair Service is accredited to ISO9001:2015 and BS EN 80079-34.

Benefits of our radiation monitor calibration service include:

  • Typical calibration turnaround within 5 days
  • Fast turnaround on repairs
  • Calibration of contamination monitors available against a range of isotopes including Ra-226 and Pb-210
  • High-precision dual-source calibration rig with fail-safe interlocks and security beam protection
  • Full-range dose rate calibration facility to 10mSv/hr for all monitors and up to 1Sv/hr for PEDs
  • Testing of instruments to saturation dose rates in excess of 1Sv/hr
  • Full retest/re-certification and repair service of mud monitors
  • Repair of neutron monitors followed by calibration at an approved third party facility

We also offer servicing and hire equipment options, providing support for your business operations.

Personnel involved in radiation monitor testing, repair and calibration are fully trained and supervised by members of staff appointed as Qualified Persons under Regulation 19(3) of the Ionising Radiation Regulations.


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