Webinar: Understanding connectivity, both reservoir and digital

Oilfield chemical tracers have long been a foundational tool for understanding fluid flow and reservoir production, providing essential information for an informed drilling, completion, and production program. Yet some operators struggle with the limitations of traditional tracer studies, hampered by the slow process of laboratory analysis, data management, and data visualisation in a market that rewards rapidity and flexibility. Raising the bar to a new level of efficiency and performance has a clear value, but to achieve that desired outcome, the collection, analysis, and sharing of data needs to be faster and more error-proof than current systems allow.

In this webinar, Tracerco’s Dr. Sudiptya Banerjee shares his knowledge of oilfield tracers to explain the technical strengths and weakness of various commercial products, walks listeners through how tracer data is analysed to illuminate production and communication trends, and discusses Tracerco’s new Insights Platform, a new and exciting digital pathway for reservoir surveillance that allows operators to manage and translate data quicker and make critical field development decisions faster, all with greater value in a time of rapidly changing, often disruptive market conditions.

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