Webinar: Productivity improvements through integrated analysis of frac tracer, stimulation and geophysical data

Adding tracers to stimulation fluid has become the industry standard methodology to identify stage production of gas, oil, and water along the length of a wellbore with no well intervention needs. This inexpensive technology provides confirmation that a wellbore is open to flow, identifies and quantifies stage flow contribution and provides a measure of drainage area connectivity. It also allows a correlation between zonal productivity and drilling, stimulation, and production design. Using this knowledge, the operator can amend future well development plans with a greater confidence that the changes made will result in enhanced ultimate hydrocarbon recovery.

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  • The use of Tracerco tracer technology as an evaluation tool to enhance future drilling, stimulation, and production decisions.
  • Case studies comparing actual production results with pre-completion seismic and geophysical expectations (seismic, log, landing zone, etc.).
  • How the combination of tracer data, along with other information gathered during the drilling and stimulation process, can assist in optimizing recovery during future well development.

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