Webinar: Increase ROI when moving through exploration into field development

Tracer technology is an indispensable tool for understanding fluid pathways and the degree of connectivity within a reservoir as well as a cost-effective way of quantifying the location of oil, gas, and water production. Often viewed as having significant value during initial exploration, chemical tracers are also valuable for confirming or refuting assumptions made about uncertain reservoir characteristics and defining performance.

In this webinar, our industry experts demonstrate the value of using chemical tracers as an essential technology throughout all phases of a reservoir E&P lifecycle with a focus on hydraulically stimulated wells.  After outlining the different methods of tracer monitoring and guidelines for tracer selection, the webinar will explore the value proposition for using chemical tracer technology during and after exploration through a series of illustrative case histories.

Watch our webinar now and learn more about how tracers can provide insight into their reservoir and production strategy.


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