Podcast: Offshore Wind Grouted Connections

In global offshore wind power projects where jacket-based foundations are used, ensuring the strength and quality of grout into the pre-installed pin-piles is essential to adhere to regulations, guarantee a secure foundation and to maintain a high level of safety when anchoring the towers. Tracerco’s Diagnostics™ Grout Monitoring solution, provides quick and accurate grout density profiling. With real-time monitoring, it enables the measurement of grout density to be taken as it is pumped into the pile annuli, allowing offshore operators in the renewables sector to determine if the density of the grout is as specified in the design – ensuring a secure foundation.

Listen to our podcast to learn more about how Tracerco’s Grout Monitoring solution can provide live data recording and robust analysis to ensure that grout pumping is optimised with a fully traceable record of activity.

Listen to our podcast

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