Podcast: Managing Wash Beds

When properly operated, wash beds can help to maximise operating profits and increase heavy vacuum gas oil (HVGO) yields. Should vapour temperatures be too high, problems can begin to arise. The bed may begin to coke up and drastically reduce its efficiency, potentially leading to shortened intervals for unit shutdown and maintenance, which can be incredibly costly and can reduce unit productivity.

Using Tracerco’s ThruVision™ scanning technology to monitor the rate at which the bed is coking allows for the overflash rate to be adjusted to control the rate of coking. This will ensure maximum profits by squeezing the most productivity out of the wash bed and allowing it to operate at the highest possible efficiency throughout the unit’s run.

Listen to our podcast as we discuss how our ThruVision™ technology can improve your wash bed efficiency, avoid unnecessary shutdowns and prevent a premature end of the unit’s run cycle, saving you a significant amount of money.

Listen to our podcast

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