Tracerco help customers save time & money on-turnaround planning


Leading industrial technology specialist Tracerco, part of the Johnson Matthey group, has announced the launch of InDepth™, a new, non-intrusive inspection tool capable of measuring refractory wall thickness online and in real time.

With more than fifty years experience in producing industry-leading detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions, InDepth™ is the latest in a long line of innovative technologies from Tracerco. It stands to become an essential part of any refractory lined vessel operator’s pre-turnaround planning toolkit.

InDepth™ provides customers with critical measurement information concerning the condition of the refractory lining on the internal wall of process units such as FCC reactors, regenerators and boilers whilst the system is operational. The portable tool can be used to accurately define the size of a known area of thin refractory and determine the full extent of the refractory wall loss.

Tracerco managing director Andy Hurst said: “We invest heavily in research and development and are continuously broadening our product portfolio to meet customer demands. InDepth™ is another example of Tracerco listening to the market and developing products that address unmet industry needs.

The key focus for our new InDepth™ inspection tool is to help our customers to better plan and prepare for upcoming turnarounds. The accurate online survey of refractory wall condition that InDepth™ provides can help them avoid unwelcome surprises and on entering the vessel during a turnaround. This, in turn, averts the risk of costly overruns of the planned duration of the outage”.

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