Tracerco Launch Extended Personal Electronic Dosimeters (PEDs) Dose Rate Range: The PED-ER and PED-ER+


Tracerco, part of the FTSE100 company, Johnson Matthey Plc, has added to its award-winning range of radiation monitors with two new Personal Electronic Dosimeters (PEDs) – the PED-ER and PED-ER+.

With an extended dose rate range of up to 1 Sv/h (100 R/h) and a light, compact, robust and reliable design, the PED-ER and PED-ER+ provide the ultimate radiation monitoring, measurement and management solution for those working in challenging environments.

The PED-ER has been designed to keep things simple. With one button operation and an easy to follow menu system, the device can be easily operated with no training needed. Audio and visual alarms with a vibration function, also ensure that personnel are immediately notified if a set dose rate is reached or exceeded.

The PED-ER+ has the same unique features as the PED-ER in terms of portability, an IP67 rating and the ability to provide immediate data on an intuitive, large clear display, however it also boasts a number of additional features. Most notably, the PED-ER+ can be used as both a Personal Dosimeter and a handheld dose rate survey meter, ensuring that the safety of both the worker, and those personnel that are in the area of the event is never compromised. Pop-up message alarms (when dose limits are reached), to the user, also allow personnel to organise, plan and respond to radiation more efficiently.

The PED-ER+ has the ability to connect to mobile phones, meaning live dose rates can be transmitted to an Android device located in a safe area. This allows the management and monitoring of situations to be undertaken in real time, away from a potentially hazardous event. The addition of GPS tracking also provides location data alongside dose data, giving a map of potential radiation hazards when data is downloaded.

Graham Barker, Senior Commercial Manager at Tracerco noted:

“The capability to act quickly and safely to incidents in dangerous and hazardous environments is extremely important for industrial Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) workers, the emergency services and first response teams (CBRNe). The development and launch of the PED-ER and PED-ER+ will ensure that upon entry into both known (for example those working in the Industrial NDT market) and unknown (for example first responders) scenarios, that personnel are equipped with the correct radiation monitoring equipment to ensure any radiological hazard is detected and any exposure to radiation is monitored carefully.”

The extended PED dose rate range are the latest addition to Tracerco’s PED product portfolio. Combined with the existing PED-IS, PED Blue and PED+, the PED-ER and PED-ER+ will provide users with a unique solution for every radiation monitoring situation.

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