Tracerco announces contract win to deliver fuel security programme in Brazil


One of the world’s leading providers of global fuel marking programmes – Tracerco – has announced a 3-year contract that will see the business deliver a fuel security programme across Brazil designed to secure the fuel supply chain and prevent billions of lost revenues through illegal fuel smuggling.

Estimated to support the Brazilian Government recover over $500million in tax revenues per year, Tracerco will work with the Brazilian Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (ANP) to prevent the tampering of gasoline with diluted solvents and securing prosecution for those responsible.

As part of the project, Tracerco will be providing fuel markers to solvent producers and importers across the country. These will be supplied alongside the company’s bespoke marking and detection technology – combined with cloud-based analysis solutions – to enable the examination of fuel samples and the identification of illegal solvents.

Speaking about the contract award, Jon Tate, MD at Tracerco said: “We are delighted to again be selected by the Brazilian Government to deliver this important program, which will continue to bring huge benefits to air quality, vehicle reliability whilst ensuring taxes are properly collected and made available to support key government programs.

“Tracerco has invested significant resources in developing a unique fuel identification technology and it is this technology which has secured us this contract.

“The impact illegal fuels cause to the environment – combined with the social impacts in terms of business efficiencies and health – are enormous. Our technology will make a real difference in the regions it is deployed, improving air quality by removing adulterated fuel and enabling governments to recover taxes that can be reinvested into communities for healthcare, housing, education, community spaces and infrastructure programmes.

“It is significant contract wins like this which highlight the need for continued innovation and where – as a business – Tracerco remains committed to R&D that will continue to tackle fuel security in countries across the world.”

Tracerco’s investment in fuel security programmes has seen the company successfully deliver initiatives for government bodies across the globe for over two decades.

The business has invested heavily in developing unique fuel authentication technology using environmentally compliant carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen markers.  These markers – combined with the Tracerco™ Insights Platform cloud-based reporting platform – enable authorities to receive real-time data from all fuel testing equipment, pinpointing exactly where in the supply chain fuel is being tampered with and enabling effective prosecutions to be made.

As part of the Brazil fuel security programme, it is expected in excess of 500mᶟ of solvents will be tagged each year using Tracerco’s technology and which will be identified in fuel samples collected from gas stations all over Brazil.

For over 20 years, Tracerco has been supplying fuel security programmes across the globe ensuring that crucial funds that should be benefitting a country and its people do not fall into the hands of organised criminals.  In that time the company has intercepted 2.2 billion litres of tampered fuel each year, has recovered over $10 billion in tax revenues and has generated over $300 million for the country from fines.

Tracerco has 20 offices in 16 countries and collaborates with global inspection and certification partners in more than 100 countries through a network of over 1,500 offices.

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