Tracerco introduces mobile labs for reservoir tracer analysis


World leading technology company Tracerco, part of FTSE 100 Johnson Matthey Plc, has invested in a number of new mobile reservoir tracer analysis laboratories for use onsite in offshore projects.

The laboratories will give customers rapid sample analysis turnaround, producing results almost immediately as opposed to the weeks that it often takes when samples have to be sent offsite for analysis. This allows oil companies to optimise production by reacting quickly to the Tracer Production Log™ (TPL) in Inflow, Frac and Interwell. The development and production designs can be altered to maximise production. It can also help reduce the cost implications of keeping contingency tools on hire such as PLT or coiled tubing equipment.

The mobile tracer laboratories for offshore projects are built to DNV 2.7 Zone 2 standard and are fully pressurised and able to integrate with safety systems on the rigs.

The laboratories contain identical analytical equipment as is used in our shore based facilities allowing multiple tracer analysis with no compromise on tracer selectivity and sensitivity. Onsite analysis offshore will provide more immediate insight on real time fluid flow, allowing the customer to make better informed decisions on strategies such as well changes or well interventions so helping boost productivity.

Tracerco mobile tracer laboratories are supplied on a full turnkey basis and come with a crew of experienced analytical chemists to support the required tracer analytical campaign.

Charles Czajkowski, Global Reservoir Business Manager said “We are at the forefront of the tracer service sector, through continued R&D investment we are able to offer our customers the best in class tracer technology. Our customers worldwide expect technical excellence from a company with a strong heritage forged from 30 years in the reservoir tracing business.”

“Tracerco’s TPL’s give data for several years of well operation and are critical to oil companies in optimising their field development and production costs, especially during these lower oil price times where more expensive fluid flow technologies such as PLT’s can compromise asset budgets. The intrinsic value Tracerco’s technology brings is a low cost solution without compromising the integrity of the data clients need to optimise their field development plans and profitability.”

“The launch of Tracerco’s new concept offshore laboratories built to the highest safety standards, easy to install and designed to withstand extreme operational environments will provide our clients instant analysis onsite and critically provide ‘just in time reservoir flow data’ to your reservoir and production engineers. This combined offshore laboratory and TPL ‘tracer to knowledge’ solution empowers the decision making in optimising and balancing hydrocarbon flow from multiple reservoir zones leading to increased hydrocarbon production and profitability of the asset. Wherever in the world your offshore wells are producing hydrocarbons, you can trust Tracerco’s new concept offshore laboratories and TPL’s to give you immediate reservoir insight onsite.”

Tracerco supplies reservoir tracer technologies to meet all the fluid flow characterisation challenges in conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. Their dedicated team of over 70 R&D scientists and engineer over the 30 plus years continuously pushed the technology boundaries providing reservoir and petroleum engineers with the answers they need to fully understand actual fluid flow in their reservoirs and production wells.

Tracerco, together with oil and gas major operator Shell, will be presenting the findings of a recent smart tracer surveillance programme in one field of the deep water Parques des Conchas area in Brazil to delegates at OTC.

The paper (number 26054) provides an overview of the design, implementation and up to date results of surveillance that has been used to remotely monitor water and oil inflow data in the Argonauta O-North Field. It will be presented on the morning of 6 May 2015 room 602, in session 31 at 11:40am as part of Phase 2: Technology Enabling Top Quartile Delivery.

Paul Hewitt, Director of Reservoir Technology at Tracerco, João Baima, a Production Engineer at Shell do Brasil Ltd and Murat Kilic, Senior Production Technologist are the authors of the paper. Mr Hewitt and Mr Baima will provide an overview of the project and discuss best practice for inflow and waterflood tracer design, details of pre-screening tests that ensure the use of optimal tracer types, the deployment, and how the tracers were integrated into sand screens, the sampling strategy and the analysis of the results from the beginning of production.

Tracerco are also exhibiting in two areas at OTC. Visit booths 8213 in the NRG Arena or booth 2241L part of the UK pavilion in the NRG centre to speak to one of Tracerco’s experts about the TPL and our suite of reservoir tracing services for interwell, unconventional and inflow applications.

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