Tracerco celebrates 65 years of innovation Excellence


World leading industrial technology solutions provider, Tracerco, is celebrating a momentous milestone as it celebrates 65 years of excellence and innovation in the industry.

What began as a humble scientific research team in 1958 has now evolved into a powerhouse operating across all six continents. Today, Tracerco proudly boasts a global network of over 400 talented individuals who contribute to its continued success.

Renowned for its expertise in detection, diagnostic, and measurement solutions for the global oil, gas, and process industries, Tracerco takes pride in driving technological advancements, innovation, and cutting-edge solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and cost savings for its valued customers.

Reflecting on this significant milestone, Tracerco’s Managing Director, Jon Tate, comments, “As we reflect on our remarkable history of innovation and excellence, we are grateful for the unwavering commitment and expertise of our team members and our global customers who have contributed to our success. Together, we have overcome challenges, embraced new technologies, and consistently exceed expectations. With our deep-rooted passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions, Tracerco continues to revolutionise the industry and shape the future of industrial technology. I am very much looking forward to many more years of pushing boundaries and achieving greatness together.

With a reputation for ingenuity, professionalism, and expertise, our global teams operate seamlessly in the most challenging environments, working with hazardous materials to deliver unparalleled results across the globe”.

Tracerco takes great pride in upholding health and safety standards that are deeply ingrained in the company’s DNA and embraced wholeheartedly by its dedicated employees. Achieving an exceptional milestone of maintaining a flawless LTI rate of zero for four consecutive years in 2023 is a testament to the unwavering dedication, commitment, and collaborative efforts of the Tracerco team.

Jon emphasises, “Our people are the foundation of our business, and their safety is of utmost importance to Tracerco. As we carry out our daily operations, we will continue to prioritise safety in every aspect of our work, ensuring a safe environment every hour, every day, every week, and every year.

“We are constantly evolving and looking for way to improve our ways of working. While we provide comprehensive training in compliance with company regulations, we also seize the opportunity to support and educate our employees on leading a well-rounded, safe, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle both within and outside of work.”

Tracerco has been providing exceptional services to the global oil and gas industry, earning a remarkable reputation for groundbreaking innovation and successful project delivery. The company is highly regarded for its ability to deliver cutting-edge technologies that empower customers to make well-informed decisions.

In recent months, Tracerco has proudly introduced two groundbreaking advancements: the launch of a cloud-based TracercoTM insights platform, specifically designed to drive significant cost-savings and enhance plant efficiencies for its customers, and the introduction of the highly anticipated TracercoTM PED2, the next generation personal electronic dosimeter range.

Tracerco remains committed to investing millions of pounds in research and development, continuously supporting hundreds of customers worldwide, including some of the industry’s biggest names. With recent contract wins, the company’s innovative products and services will soon be mobilised into Brazil, North America, Australia, Africa, and Abu Dhabi.

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