Launch of cloud-based insights platform designed to drive cost-savings and improve plant efficiencies for its customers


Leading industrial technology specialist Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, has announced the launch of its cloud-based platform that will provide customers with a platform to virtually visualise all scanning projects across the globe.

The TracercoTM Insights Platform will enable customers to access a historical library of scan data, to help them see and verify what is happening across their assets remotely, ensuring fact-based discussion and action planning for the management and maintenance of scanning projects.

Providing fast and securely encrypted access from any global location, Tracerco’s unique technology enables customer teams to be onsite from their desk, allowing them to rapidly and confidently optimise processes and increase efficiencies.

Speaking about the launch of the new platform, Eric Graham, at Tracerco said: “The TracercoTM Insights Platform enables customers to track the status of all their scanning projects anywhere in the world.  By using this secure platform, they can explore interactive reports and access a library of historic scan data meaning they can visualise and understand any changes, react to potential issues quickly and – most importantly – save valuable time and money.”

Boasting a number of key technology features, the TracercoTM Insights Platform provides cutting edge industry benefits never before available.  These include:

  • Immediate insights, with secure online access to all scanning reports anywhere in the world
  • The reduced risk of unscheduled shutdowns facilitated by fast and effective data-driven decisions
  • The reality of cost savings through access to historically scanned data to support preventative maintenance programmes
  • The ability to make significant remediation decisions, leading to time and cost savings through near real-time issue identification.

The Insights Platform is believed to be the first customer portal of its type in the industry and will be available to both existing and new Tracerco customers from November 2022. The platform will be under continuous development with additional features to be added over the next twelve months.

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