Tracerco celebrates yet another year of success with its highly anticipated annual Safety Stand Down Week


Every year, Tracerco, demonstrates its unwavering commitment to the health and safety of its employees and partners by hosting a week-long safety stand down event. This event is a platform for a diverse range of toolbox talks that discuss the most up-to-date information on compliance measures and include strategies for safeguarding emotional wellbeing and the environment.

Every day of our comprehensive training program focuses on a different safety theme, providing our employees with the opportunity to listen and interact with guest speakers. This year, our lineup of speakers included:

  • Mandy Hickson, the only female pilot on her Front-Line Tornado Squadron. Operating in some of the most hostile environments, Mandy was one of the team operational in Iraq’s “No Fly” zone during the Iraq War. |
  • Ben Pearson, formerly part of the elite Roads Policing Unit of West Yorkshire Police, Ben has faced countless high-stake situations.
  • Suzanne Vernazza who promotes the importance of pelvic floor wellbeing.
  • Allan James Moore who has travelled to over 50 countries and across four continents promoting environmental protection guidance.
  • Emma Carhart, a qualified teacher and master mental health trainer with over 10 years’ experience designing and delivering bespoke mental health training.
  • Numata, cybersecurity specialists delivering key learnings from Jason Scanlon, Kayla Pieters and Oz Oscroft and;
  • Sam Hughes; a specialist in risk management, HSE and operations with over 16 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

Speaking about the event, Jon Tate, Managing Director at Tracerco said: “This event holds immense significance for Tracerco, and we look forward to participating every year. It serves as a platform for our colleagues, peers, and distinguished speakers to exchange valuable insights on crucial health and safety matters, while upholding our core value of prioritising the wellbeing and protection of both our customers and colleagues.”

Jon went on to add, “Our fifth successful annual safety stand-down week continued to educate, inform and go well beyond our expectations. Bringing in some of the most widely recognised and respected experts to liaise and share with our workforce ensures we continue to place health, safety and wellbeing at the very heart of our business.

At Tracerco, safety and wellbeing is deeply ingrained in our company culture. As a team, we embrace and prioritise health and safety in our daily operations. Our commitment extends beyond the workplace – we strive for our employees and partners to lead healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling lives working safely and also going home safely to their families.

To achieve this, in addition to providing standard HSE compliance training, we make it a priority to cover a wide range of important topics during Safety Stand Down Week. These include promoting emotional wellbeing, advocating for environmental sustainability, and addressing the crucial aspect of cyber security”.

Tracerco is a global oil and gas service company with over 65 years’ experience. With offices located across the world, the company is well recognised for delivering innovative technologies enabling its customers to make informed decisions.

To learn more about how safety is our number one priority read our safety policy.

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