Tracerco's evolutionary pig tracking technology


Leading industrial technology specialist Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey group has further developed its unique pig tracking technology so that it can now be equipped with a wireless communication device, resulting in significant cost savings for pipeline operators undertaking pipeline assurance work.

Tracerco’s remotely operated GammaTrac™ unit can now communicate to vessel or platform without the need for in-situ ROV monitoring and without incurring significant time delays. The unit also provides unlimited tracking time and contains an early warning system.

Tracerco’s unique pig tracking technique works by ‘tagging’ the pig with a small purpose-designed radioisotope, which can pinpoint its location within five centimetres, providing in-situ, real time tracking of pigs. It helps provide customers with vital information concerning the performance of their pipelines and mitigates against the lengthy delays and costs that can be incurred locating pigs that become lodged.

Tracerco’s GammaTrac™ systems are the most reliable and low risk method of tracking pigs through pipeline systems. In addition, operators can be assured of a proven track record in the industry, exceptional reliability and flexibility to deploy topside, subsea and along pipelines of any diameter or thickness.

As a major force in the subsea sector, Tracerco has played a significant role in many successful developments across the world. In recent years, the company has established a portfolio of techniques to provide diagnostics and inspection services in a subsea environment to provide the operator with total confidence in its pipeline interventions and maintenance programmes.

The company’s cutting edge, accurate and non-intrusive inspection services are used subsea to assess the integrity of assets. Its extensive subsea solutions offering includes flow assurance, pig location and detection, asset integrity, flooded member inspection and novel level measurements.

Andy Hurst, Tracerco’s Managing Director said “We are constantly investing in the development of our people and our technologies to ensure that Tracerco continues to offer the industry the most advanced solutions in this increasingly challenging sector. Our ability to take on challenging projects and deliver them on time, within budget and to the highest safety standards has been a major factor in the continued growth of our business.”

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