Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, is pleased to announce that it has signed a framework agreement with Acergy S.A. to provide its TRACERCO Diagnostics™ FMI (Flooded Member Inspection) technique as part of a North Sea Multi Asset Structure and Riser Inspection Programme.

The agreement, valued at £400,000 will involve the inspection of a total of 31 structures over 117 days, on BP’s southern, central and northern assets in the North Sea including BP Norge.

Dan Benson, regional sales manager of Tracerco, said: “This framework agreement is terrific news. Tracerco has been based in Aberdeen for over 20 years now and has always worked closely with oil and gas operators and contractors in the North Sea to understand their production problems and develop innovative solutions for them. This partnership has led to our global success.”

Tracerco has been providing its TRACERCO Diagnostics™ FMI technique to the offshore oil and gas industry for over 40 years. Tracerco developed the novel inspection technique for subsea applications as an integrity technique to assess water levels in platform members.

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