Tracerco lands order for Brazilian offshore field


Staff at Tracerco, part of the Johnson Matthey group, are today celebrating after landing an order for their award winning instrument, The TRACERCO Profiler™.

The UK based company, with its Rio de Janeiro subsidiary, last year won a prestigious Queens Award for Innovation for The TRACERCO Profiler™. This latest order is to supply one of its advanced separator level control systems to Petrobras, offshore Campos Basin, Brazil.

Andy Hurst, managing director of Tracerco, said; “This contract is terrific news and is further evidence that the benefits of this technology are recognised by the oil and gas industry, globally. Tracerco has always worked closely with oil and gas operators to understand their production problems and develop innovative solutions for them. This partnership has led to our global success.”

The TRACERCO Profiler™ uses advanced measurement technology to accurately determine all of the phases and control the contents of oil and gas production separators.

It has proved a big hit with oil and gas operators around the world as it can not only lower operating and maintenance costs, but can also increase production rates and decrease environmental risks. It is also good news for companies involved in the oil and gas industry in the UK too, as it could help prolong the life of marginal fields in the UK sector of the North Sea.

The technology has proved so popular within the oil and gas industry that, since being commercialised in 1999, Tracerco now has customers in West Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, North and South America and Europe, with all five of the world’s major oil producers embracing the technology.

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