Johnson Matthey is Britain's second most admired company


Johnson Matthey came out second in Management Today’s (MT) annual “Britain’s Most Admired Companies” Awards.

This was out of 239 companies. In conjunction with Nottingham Business School, MT asked Britain’s 10 largest public companies in 24 sectors to evaluate their peers. Participants rated their nine sector rivals on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 = poor, 5 = average and 10 = excellent). Performance was rated against nine criteria. Analysts at leading City investment firms were also polled. On the basis of these scores, three rankings were arrived at: all 239 companies; top five overall on each criteria; and league tables in each category.

Johnson Matthey was 11th overall last year, and in this year’s article MT reports, “The other big story this year is the rise of the quietly excellent Johnson Matthey, second in the overall poll. Founded way back in 1817 as an assayer of gold, the organisation is an example of a British company at the top of its game. In its Chemicals sector it swept the board, coming first in every single quality category. These days, it dominates the market for automotive catalytic converters. in addition, it is an expert in the area of fuel cell technology. When somebody finally cracks that nut and we can all cast aside the oil-sucking internal combustion engine, there is a mountain of money to be made and Johnson Matthey will be in there.”

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