What you need to know about a Tracerco Diagnostics™ Separator study (Upstream oil and gas)

Tru-Scan™ and PhaseFinder™ applications performed on separator’s will reveal the liquid level, the presence and height of any foam, the oil and water interface position and extent of emulsion band as well as the presence and extent of sand deposits within the vessel. The technologies may also detect internal hardware issues such as inlet device damage. The scans are carried out whilst the vessel is operating so real-time information is obtained about how the vessel is performing at specific operating conditions. The technology “sees through” the vessel wall allowing a determination of what is happening inside without the need to shut down. The results provide detailed information about the interface qualities and can be used to assist in trials of anti-foaming or emulsion breaking chemicals to determine the best type and concentration to use.

Download our fact sheet to learn more about our Tru-Scan™ and PhaseFinder™ technologies for upstream oil and gas separation systems.

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