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Tracerco provides online techniques that will tell you why you’re not benefiting from optimal reactor performance. Our Tru-ScanTM technology helps you ‘see inside’ a reactor, understand why you are losing catalyst, and determine which parts are not operating efficiently. It generates a real-time internal density profile, including distributors, beds and collectors. The scan gives you a clearer picture of what’s happening inside the reactor. If sufficient signal transmission through the catalyst bed is possible, interpretation of fouling and crushed catalyst can be made.

A Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Residence and Distribution study can also provide a more detailed assessment of reactor performance, including residence time and distribution of solids, vapour, or liquids in specific operational conditions.

The results allow operators to diagnose integrity problems, determine distribution uniformity and make modifications to improve efficiency. Maintenance costs and lost productivity strongly affect unit profitability, so advanced knowledge about needed repairs to a reactor is vital.

To learn more about our scanning and tracer services for Reactors read our fact sheet and download our customer case studies. If you would like to know more about technology for Reactors or you have an issue you would like assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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