Piping/flare systems

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Fast, accurate and cost-effective, Tracerco technology helps to determine the flow of vapour, liquid carry-over, sludge build-up, and the amount of fouling materials in piping/flare systems.

A Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Flow study  helps customers measure flow velocities and isolate where fugitive flare flow is coming from. It can be used to verify and calibrate flow meters and provide an independent verification of environmental data.

Benefits of a Tracerco DiagnosticsTM Flow study include; providing information on where excess gas is entering the flare system on a unit or equipment level, measurement of the volume and value of material being lost to the flare, leakage past relief valves, blocked valves, mass-flow relationships and monitor process changes over start-up and shutdown cycles.

Tracerco’s PhaseFinderTM technique is available to determine the presence of fouling material in piping systems. If the goal is to identify how much fouling material is present, then a ThruPipeTM scan is the recommended way to examine pipe contents and identify the depth of localised fouling and blockages. With real-time data provided online, a ThruPipeTM scan lets you ‘see through’ the pipe wall and show you what’s happening without affecting operations. This information allows operators to make effective data-driven decisions on their operations.

A ThruVisionTM scan will provide a detailed density map of pipe deposits, allowing you to optimise any treatment programs, or gain an early warning if the amount of solids builds up to unacceptable levels.

Routine pipe, relief and flare system scan programmes performed on a regular basis can help identify the build-up of deposits to implement optimisation and treatment programmes.

To learn more about our Tracerco DiagnoticsTM Flow study services read our fact sheet and download our customer case studies. If you would like to know more about our heat exchanger and leak detection technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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