Class 7 dangerous goods training


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material and modal transport regulations require that all individuals involved with the transport of Class 7 dangerous goods receive training commensurate with their level of responsibility; this includes personnel involved in preparing, packing, loading or consigning goods for transport, unloaders and consignees.

Tracerco’s Class 7 Dangerous Goods Transportation courses are based on the requirements of the IAEA Regulations and are suitable for those working in the oil and gas, geothermal, mining, and chemical industries (and others), who transport Class 7 goods by Road (ADR/CDG) and/or Sea (IMDG).

Our courses are designed to provide delegates with the knowledge they need to:

  • Understand the hazards and risks of working with ionising radiation,
  • Ensure compliance with legislative requirements during national and international transport by road and / or sea, and,
  • Provide the practical skills required to successfully perform the routine tasks associated with radioactive material consignments such as radiation monitoring, packing, marking and labelling, and documentation.

Our 2-day course will cover topics including basic radiation physics, the biological effects of ionising radiation, radiation protection practices, radiation monitoring and Transport index calculations, an overview of the legal framework for transporting dangerous goods, identification and classification of radioactive materials, subsidiary hazards, packaging, marks, labels and placarding, transport documentation, emergency arrangements and security provisions.

Who can attend?

The courses are designed for duty holders and individuals involved with transport by Road (ADR/CDG) or Sea (IMDG), who are required to prepare, pack, load and/or consign a range of radioactive materials for transport, consignees, and those who need general awareness training. The course will ensure that personnel are able to correctly pack, mark, label and document their shipments and will help contribute to your organisation’s regulatory compliance.

Class 7 courses are held regularly at our offices in Billingham, but training can be delivered at any of our regional offices, at your own premises, a location selected by you, or virtually. We can also offer bespoke courses, providing delegates with the opportunity to discuss their specific issues.

Book your Class 7 Transport course now to improve competency, operational safety and to help legislative compliance.


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