Bulk level and density measurement for insight driven decisions

The ProfilerTM provides a window into the thickener or floatation tank, measuring and controlling the interface distribution of solids in liquids. This reduces operating and maintenance costs, reduces chemical additives costs, and improves environmental compliance.

With no moving parts The ProfilerTM provides a maintenance-free process control solution. Intrinsically safe and extremely reliable, the ProfilerTM offers real-time process optimisation measuring and controlling the distribution of solids in fluids with unrivalled stability in delivering repeatable and accurate measurements in an extreme temperature range from -40⁰C to +85⁰C.  With these process insights process shutdowns can be minimised and production throughputs can be increased.

Download our ProfilerTM product data sheet for further details. Alternatively, explore our range of nucleonic instrumentation products for mining applications; HyperionTMand OptimusTM


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