Sophisticated bulk level and interface measurement for insight into your process

OptimusTM is a breakthrough level measurement system for liquid level, interface and solids monitoring in vessels such as cyclones or silos in the most challenging mining and cement industry applications, including those with the potential for solid depositions and blockage in extremes of temperature, dust, and pressure.

OptimusTM is non-intrusive, making use of Geiger Muller tube technology with no moving parts and does not have contact with the process – keeping process break-downs to a minimum. It delivers consistent, accurate and repeatable level measurements with advanced signal processing and granulation of information, regardless of temperature and process conditions.

OptimusTM provides operators with the confidence to run the process at the desired level to increase production. With interchangeable components for easy on-site maintenance, it can provide insights to help operators improve product quality and process optimization and provides the confidence to increase production by controlling deposit build ups and minimising costly unplanned shutdowns

Download our OptimusTM product data sheet for further details and explore our other nucleonic instrumentation products; ProfilerTM and HyperionTM


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