Improve control of your processes with more accurate bulk level and density measurement

Hyperion™ is a market leading scintillator-based technology ensuring high sensitivity while resisting high exposure. Therefore, it can work with many sources, old or new. Designed with improved reliability and temperature fluctuation compensation, this enables operators in mining, pulp and paper and other industries to solve the most challenging process problems involving measurement of the pipe density of slurries and fluids; storage tank levels; conveyor belt mass flow; crusher surge bin quantities; and paper and pulp black liquor density.

Versatile and highly sensitive, Hyperion™ can be retrofitted to replace units whose readings are no longer reliable, without the need for changing sources.  Immune to over exposure it is a tried and tested market leader that is competitively priced and easily adapted to suit a customers’ unique operating requirements.

Externally mounted, this extremely robust instrument is designed for continuous operation and is unaffected by extreme temperatures, high pressures, fouling or corrosive fluids.  It is housed in 316L stainless steel and automatically compensating for ambient temperature changes, and scintillator/ photomultiplier ageing with built-in condition monitoring to monitor health status, relative humidity and predict component failures and provide end-of-life estimations.

Vibration/dust proof with internal sealing to safeguard the instrument, even in the event of water ingress it offers unrivalled stability with repeatable and accurate measurements; self-diagnostics with advanced signal processing and calibration; an extreme operating temperature range from -55⁰C to +60⁰C; extended level measurement range of up to 45m (148 feet).

Download our HyperionTM product data sheet for further details. Alternatively, explore our range of nucleonic instrumentation products for mining applications; ProfilerTM and OptimusTM.


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