Brand protection for oil marketing companies

Protect your brand and reputation

Assuring fuel security along your value chain will protect your brand integrity and grow your revenue, whilst responsibly contributing to society by reducing crime, protecting the environment and improving the quality of lives impacted by fuel fraud. With a tailored fuel marking programmes from Tracerco you can:

  • Deliver your brand promise and protect your brand reputation
  • Ensure your distributors and retailers comply with the quality specification and only sell the fuel you supply
  • Increase your revenue and market share
  • Eliminate customer complaints caused by grade swapping or fuel dilution
  • Improve fuel quality leading to a reduction in vehicle and plant machinery breakdowns
  • Reduce environmental risks by reducing fuel emissions arising from the use of adulterated fuel
  • Detect fuel fraud with zero disruption to your fuel supply operations
  • Incorporate brand protection markers into additives or directly add them to fuel
  • Obtain portable or laboratory based analysis
  • Securely visualise test results via the cloud-based Tracerco™ Insights Platform


Contact us today and let us help you protect your brand and reputation. You can also find out more about the TracercoTM Insights Platform, our technology, or learn more about national fuel marking programmes for governments.


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