Personal Electronic Dosimeters Gen 2

Next generation Tracerco™ PED2 range with patented detection technology for enhanced radiation safety

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Tracerco™ PED2

Built on over a decade of user experience this range of rugged, lightweight and easy-to-use personal electronic dosimeters effectively monitor, measure and manage radiation exposure.

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Clear and readable

We’ve optimised visibility by introducing a new, high resolution TFT transflective display that’s crystal clear, even in low-light or sun glare scenarios.

Simple and intuitive

Featuring intuitive visual elements, simple menus, and a single-button navigation, the new graphical user interface makes operation effortless.

Reliable and accurate

Enhanced measurement performance ensures sensitivity and accuracy across high and low rates, with rapid response to changes in radiation exposure.

Easy to use and understand

Large, easy-to-read colour display ensures vital information is clear, simple to understand and visible in any lighting scenario

A single button is used to navigate an intuitive carousel menu

Alarm settings trigger audible, visual, textual and haptic alerts

Flexible radiation protection

Instantaneously measures, records and displays dose rate and accumulated dose in real time

Up to four configurable dose and dose rate alarm settings

Optional extended range calibration up to 1 Sv/h where potential exists for emergency situations

IS certification

PED2-IS and PED2-IS+ are ATEX certified. This European certification is given to equipment that is tested and approved to be intrinsically safe. Giving you the peace of mind that the IS certified PED2 range is able to safely measure radiation exposure in potentially explosive environments.

Commercially available rechargeable or swap-out battery options (AAA cells)

Tap to wake gesture

Choice of body attachment clips to suit the application

PED2 | Available soon

A flexible personal electronic dosimeter for general radiation protection applications

PED2-IS | Now available

An intrinsically safe certified personal electronic dosimeter for use in potentially explosive environments

PED2+ | Available soon

For use as both a personal radiation dosimeter and a handheld dose rate survey meter including enhanced features, such as GPS, pop-up message alarms and the ability to connect to mobile phones

PED2-IS+ | Available soon

An intrinsically safe certified personal electronic dosimeter, with handheld survey mode and enhanced features such as GPS, pop-up message alarms and the ability to connect to mobile phones

"I need to move quickly and stay focussed on the safety of the public and my team. I need to make the best on-the spot decisions I can. Equipment needs to be easy to use and not get in the way"

Flexible for a range of applications

• Emergency responders and security services
• Offshore and onshore oil and gas
• Industrial radiography
• Border control and military (CBRNe)
• Nuclear and decommissioning
• Medical and life sciences
• Mining

Secure dose record-keeping

Exposure data is automatically logged into a self-managing memory

Data can be seamlessly and securely transferred into the DoseVision2 software platform for simple reporting and visualisation

Fully auditable tracking of dose allocations and changes

Enhanced by DoseVision2

A powerful cloud-based, dosimetry management software platform designed to provide secure device configuration and auditable, efficient management of worker dose data.


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